Hey there! Welcome to peachly.

My name is Kerin and I, along with my husband, created Peachly in 2016 when I was pregnant with our daughter. Like all new and excited mums, I wanted nothing more than to create a beautiful, inspiring, safe space for her to sleep and play in. However, after searching high and low I couldn’t find much that suited our style. Sure, everything was ‘cute’, but it was the ‘cheesy’ kind of cute… and to be honest, it just wasn’t me.

When I was on mat leave I thought.. ‘why not give it a go and design the products that I want, myself?’. I had a plan in mind to fuse modern, timeless design with traditional baby products. I started with art prints, then moved on to monthly milestone stickers and eventually on to keepsake books.

And from there, Peachly was born.

We now work from our little home studio on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where all our products are designed.

Now that our daughter is almost 2 and a wee bit more independent, I have more time on my hands (oh man, those newborn days are a killer!). I’ve been inspired so much in her first years to create more, and I have a long list of products in the works that I can’t wait to launch… so watch this space!

If you have a love for beautiful, modern, timeless design then look no further – we’d love for you to join our community and share this journey with you.

Lots of love,
Kerin xx

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"Little Miss K" - the one who inspired it all