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Gorgeous baby record books for all of bub's milestones

From the magical moment you lay eyes on your mini-me for the first time, the world seems to come to a stop. Your heart’s bursting with tender love, delight and wonder, and you know this lifelong journey’s just beginning. First giggle, first roll over, first crawl, first steps…all of bub’s firsts that’ll have you pulling happy dance moves all around the kitchen.

As time quietly rolls on, those precious milestones transform into blissful, nostalgic daydreams you’ll hold close to your heart forevermore. So, let’s celebrate the itsy-bitsy triumphs and everyday adventures with beautiful keepsakes that’ll become a part of your little legacy.

Thoughtfully designed, Peachly offers a modern, timeless take on traditional baby products. Adored by parents all across the globe, our dreamy baby record books leave no memory forgotten. Filled with simple, open-ended prompts in chronological order, the Peachly baby memory book’s one you’ll actually want to fill out. Short and sweet, easy peasy, nothing cringey. A precious keepsake that you’ll one day pass on to your little one.

Grab a cuppa, cuddle your little bean and have a peep at some of our most adorable goodies. 


Delicately illustrated with gorgeous watercolour florals, capture bub’s first years in our Fleur Baby Memory Book. Beautifully crafted to capture your mini-me’s adventures, it’ll be your treasured keepsake for generations to come. 

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From fuss-free baby’s first year books to oh-so-soft baby swaddle wraps, letter boards, pregnancy announcement scratchies and milestone stickers, we’ll fill your happy bubble with love. Featuring minimalist aesthetics and crafted for longevity, the Peachly collection is made for treasured mementos.

Tip: Bestie, sister-in-law or colleague - spoil soon-to-be parents with some Peachly TLC. You’ll be scoring some brownie points and extra cuddle time for sure!